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September 29, 2010 in main course, soup / chili, vegan, vegetarian3 comments

gazpacho sevillano

gazpacho sevillano

Breakfast in Spain is unsubstantial, to my taste: a toasted and buttered bolillo (a large roll) and café con leche, Spain’s rich and tasty version of the latte. (I don’t like coffee or even lattes particularly, but I’ll take a café con leche any day.) Supper, as well, is fairly insubstantial: fried finger foods or a light platter of leftovers, served at 11 p.m., midnight, or even later, depending on the night-owlishness of your household. Read more on gazpacho sevillano…

September 27, 2010 in project food blog, shameless plug3 comments

You all rock. And voting for round 2 of Project Food Blog is open

Thanks to all of you and your help, I was lucky enough to pass the first challenge in Project Food Blog and move on to round two. And the competition is wonderful and fierce: the posts I’ve seen so far for “The Classics,” in which we re-create an unfamiliar cuisine’s signature dish, have been fracking stellar.

Read more on You all rock. And voting for round 2 of Project Food Blog is open…

Off to Iraq! Falafel Sandwich with Tahini Sauce

falafel sandwich

Helen: Hmm, Pita. Well, I don’t know about food from the Middle East. Isn’t that whole area a little iffy?
Hostess: [laughs] Hey, I’m no geographer. You and I — why don’t we call it pocket bread, huh?
Maude: [reading the ingredients list] Umm, what’s tahini?
Hostess: Flavor sauce.
Edna: And falafel?
Hostess: Crunch patties. Read more on Off to Iraq! Falafel Sandwich with Tahini Sauce…

Read more on Off to Iraq! Falafel Sandwich with Tahini Sauce…

September 20, 2010 in project food blog6 comments

4 Neat Blogs I Found Through Project Food Blog

Voting for Challenge #1 is over, but you can still visit these cool blogs.

It was going to be more bloggers, but the pages load so slooooowly and my patience wore thin. Also, all you Twitter peeps?

Slackers. Only got one suggestion. The rest of you? Slackers!

Before we get to the really super awesome foodies and their blogs that I’ve found so far, lemme shill my own link. I hate popularity contests, so vote for me so I can stop feeling like a horrible noodge.

There. Now check out these great blogs and vote for them too. Read more on 4 Neat Blogs I Found Through Project Food Blog…

Bucket Kitten Wants YOU…to Vote

bucket kitten sez vote

Note: This post is backwards and Wonderland-style, so those wonderful sorts interested in voting can get to it right away, and the slackers who just want to be verbally abused can get all that at the end.

What bucket kitten actually says, “Mew mew mew meow mew.”

Translation: Read more on Bucket Kitten Wants YOU…to Vote…

September 19, 2010 in project food blog17 comments

Project Food Blog Challenge #1: A Kitten Can Save the Day

i got cute kittens

Really, really interesting title, no? You don’t think so? Project Food Blog is a new contest by my sponsor, Foodbuzz, to, get this:

Find the next food blog star

And now I’m supposed to post telling you how I’ve got what it takes. The chops. The cojones.

I’ll tell you what. Read more on Project Food Blog Challenge #1: A Kitten Can Save the Day…

September 7, 2010 in restaurants, rude tauntingno comments yet



Piiizzzaaaaa. That’s the title of the email in which Noah sent the pic he snapped for me with his phone of Lou Malnati’s pizza leftovers, at the nerd convention in August.

Read more on piiizzzaaaaa…

September 5, 2010 in garden porn6 comments

how does your garden grow? labor day edition

this kitten has a new home today :(

It’s Labor Day weekend, and the steamy, blowsy days of August are behind us, we hope. With the heat came fast growth, bringing us tomatoes and melons for the first time in two years. For ages after planting the garden in spring, each new crop was anticipated and loved: Look! Radishes! Kohlrabi! And now baby beets!

the whole chimichanga

Then late July, August hits and everything is ready at once. Cucumbers. Zucchini. Sweet corn. Carrots. Green beans. Eggplant. Swiss chard. Onions. Peppers, sweet and spicy. And tomatoes. So many tomatoes. See those tall plants in the back? Those are the tomatoes.

tomatoland. Like graceland for nightshade

There. A closer look. Yes, they’re six feet tall. Read more on how does your garden grow? labor day edition…

September 1, 2010 in canning and freezing10 comments

is canning your own pasta sauce worth it?

canned pasta sauce - yum!

I like to can with an eye on the benjamins. What food products can I preserve that are costly to buy in the store, or rare to find? Canning tomatoes, on their own, feels virtually worthless. Commercially-canned tomatoes are cheap and good quality. There’s no point, man. That’s the cost half of the equation.

Peaches are an example of the “rare to find” category. Canned peaches aren’t rare per se, but good-tasting commercially-canned peaches are not merely difficult to find, they simply do not exist. In the case of peaches, it makes sense to put forth the effort because the reward is so delicious.

But what can be done with the humble tomato? Sauce and plain canned tomatoes are out, since the effort to cost/quality ratio is too high. I decided that, hey, spaghetti sauce is pretty expensive, especially for good-quality varieties. So let’s look at how to can spaghetti sauce and make some. And let’s calculate at the end the true cost and do a comparison! Read more on is canning your own pasta sauce worth it?…