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November 30, 2010 in shameless plug4 comments

Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets Under $10

O hai. Tis the season when I get the idea to make gift list posts, and then I go drooling at Amazon, and my Amazon wish list grows three sizes that day.

We’re going to begin small, because times are rough and we can all use some cheap kitchen gadgets — let’s try under $10, shall we? — to cheer us up. Oh wait, this is a gift-giving guide. You’re under orders to wrap up any presents you buy for yourself. Understood?

Now. Let’s get this show on the road, shall we, with my 10 favorite kitchen gadgets under $10 this year. Most of them I own. A few I want. All of them are awesome.

Chef’n Switchit Silicone Spatula

This spatula looks like it’s changed slightly in design in the few years since I bought one, but it’s basically the same. This narrow 2-ended spatula just comes in handy everywhere your big spatula doesn’t want to go, like in smaller jars. It’s totally smooth so cleaning it is just wiping; nothing sticks and there are no crevices. YAY.

Plus, pretty colors. Comes in apricot, wasabit, cherry, pacific, and arugula.

Or for, you know, normal people, orange, yellow, fuschia, blue, and green. (Mine’s the fuschia.) Read more on Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets Under $10…