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September 20, 2010 in project food blog6 comments

4 Neat Blogs I Found Through Project Food Blog

Voting for Challenge #1 is over, but you can still visit these cool blogs.

It was going to be more bloggers, but the pages load so slooooowly and my patience wore thin. Also, all you Twitter peeps?

Slackers. Only got one suggestion. The rest of you? Slackers!

Before we get to the really super awesome foodies and their blogs that I’ve found so far, lemme shill my own link. I hate popularity contests, so vote for me so I can stop feeling like a horrible noodge.

There. Now check out these great blogs and vote for them too. I think they’ll go pretty far.

Healthy Green Kitchen

Winnie’s got one of them fancy cameras that takes real purty pictures.

I wish I had one.

She also creates healthy foods that you just know will taste absolutely amazing, like this fig and banana smoothie. All by herself, apparently. I think she’s Wonder Woman’s sister.

I also plan to steal her blog design right quick.

Go give Healthy Green Kitchen a vote.

sweet swallows

Colleen doesn’t just use an Alice in Wonderland illustration as her header, she sneaks in Edward Gorey too, if you know where to look. I like her attitude (her latest post is about “The worst cupcake ever”) and plus!

Kitten in the PFB post.

Seriously, I’m not kitten-happy. There just happen to be seven of them hopping around in the shop right now. I can’t NOT see kittens. I see live kittens and dead mice.

Wait, this was about Colleen. She’s got a good thing going, writing mainly about baked goods and taking some nice pics in the bargain.

Go give sweet swallows a vote.

The Lunch Box Project

Discovered via @bayareaglutton on Twitter. I think he’s someone important, but I have no idea what a CTO is.

I think it’s a ’60s muscle car. Dude, you’re a muscle car.

But that’s not who the star of this section is. Lisa Orgler is. She’s the brilliant pen behind the Lunch Box Project.

The Lunch Box Project isn’t about recipes, or gardens, or even kittens. It’s an illustrator who (nearly) daily creates food-related illustrations. Okay, she does do some recipes, but you know what? She doesn’t have to.

The art speaks for itself. Go give The Lunch Box Project a vote.

Emily Eats Clean

I like people who blog about fresh or local or unprocessed food. Hey, that’s what Emily does!

She also has a kickass lunch box/bag. And she takes some purty pictures, though she could become acquainted with command-shift-L a bit more. Just sayin’.

Go give Emily Eats Clean a vote.

And, just so you remember

Go give Shiny Cooking a vote.

Note: All images are copyright their respective owners. I have grabbed and shrunk a definitive image for each blogger to give readers an easy way to visualize them. I’m pretty sure that falls under fair use but I will happily respect requests to remove them. :)

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  1. Cool! Thanks for letting us know about them!

  2. Winnie says:

    Thank you so much for the mention! I am happy you like my blog :)

  3. Camille says:

    What a sweet thing to do – I really respect your selflessness in promoting other good work. PFB is really fun, finding all these new blogs, isn’t it?

    p.s. I adore Edward Gorey.

  4. Your comments about the “popularity contest” made me laugh. I feel the same way! It’s like high school all over again… :D Anyway, I voted for your post because you made me laugh and I felt like you were a kindred spirit. Good luck!!!

    A link to my post:

    • Amy says:

      I’m freaking nervous with every Tweet. “Am I tweeting too much? Am I annoying people? Do I talk about voting too much? Are they getting my Simpsons references? Are my clothes in fashion or did I accidentally shop at Sears? Oh, crap, it’s purple eyeshadow this week, not blue!”

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