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September 20, 2010 in project food blogleave a comment

Bucket Kitten Wants YOU…to Vote

bucket kitten sez vote

Note: This post is backwards and Wonderland-style, so those wonderful sorts interested in voting can get to it right away, and the slackers who just want to be verbally abused can get all that at the end.

What bucket kitten actually says, “Mew mew mew meow mew.”

Translation: Vote for Amy as your food blog overlord. Here’s how:

1. You have to be registered at to be able to vote. I know. It’s a noble sacrifice.

2. The neat part is, for this stage of the challenge, you get 400 votes to cast! That means you can vote for 400 bloggers!! That also means if you really like someone more than you like me (and who doesn’t?), you can vote for them too!

3. Click the link above or here.

4. This will load up my first challenge post with a big honkin’ bar across the top. This is Foodbuzz’ subtle way of telling you they own my ass about Project Food blog.

5. The middle tab in the big honkin’ bar says, “VOTE FOR THIS ENTRY.” Click it. If you’re logged in to Foodbuzz, the vote will go through. If you aren’t, it will prompt you to register or log in.

6. Go have some pie, then go to Foodbuzz and vote up some more food bloggers. :)

Now’s time to go vote. For me.

Remember yesterday, when I told you how I was competing in Foodbuzz’s “Next Food Blog Star” lark? Even though advancement isn’t dependent upon reader votes, it sure is helpful. Plus, wouldn’t it be cool to win a popularity contest?

I hear you complaining already. “But it would be you winning, Amy, not me.”

Hogswallop. I’ll tell you what we told my niece and nephew while they were learning how to lose board games. “We’re winning together!”

So send us a vote. It only takes a second. Maybe several seconds but really, not that many. Plus, it would be nice. If you’d vote for my post from yesterday about how I should be the Next Food Blog Star™ and own everyone else’s pansy asses.

And, if you don’t…

vote or i will squeeze you like this tomato

I will make pale, washed-out Dick Cheney faces at you. This I vow.

Is there any added bonus? Why, yes, there is. You get to laugh at the puny efforts of the other, minor, contestants.

Oh, and if I win, I’m making you this sandwich and doing a post on it.

Image Palate Cleanser

tomato sandwich

Sorry about Dick Cheney face. Hope this pic makes it all better. Now go give us a vote.

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