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March 5, 2010 in gardening1 comment

planning your vegetable garden: deciding what to plant

part of a garden: peppers, rosemary, tomatoes

What’s going in your garden this year? If you don’t know yet, it’s time to put the remote down and get cracking. Super Bowl’s over. The Olympics are over. Time to moon over garden sketches and seed catalogs.

I know it’s almost a little late, but that’s why I’m doing this. So all you slackers like me can get into the garden just as quickly and efficiently as those horrible well-organized types who planned their garden in December and bought their seeds in January.

In this post, I’m going to tell you how to plan your garden and decide what to plant. And! There are future plans, oh yes. In the next days, we’ll be talking about what to plant from seed and what to buy as plants. We’ll talk about seed shopping. We’ll talk about seed starting. It’s a whole series thing.

mini-greenhouse from a salad container :)

One hint on the seed starting. Read more on planning your vegetable garden: deciding what to plant…

March 11, 2010 in gardening3 comments

planning your vegetable garden: recommended seed catalogs

seed savers exchange seed packets

Once you’ve got a rough plan of what you’re going to put into your garden this year, the next step is to purchase your seeds. The vegetable seed catalog market has always had loads of companies vying for your business, and with the surging popularity of local foods and gardening, the choice of where to buy seeds from can be overwhelming. Should you order from the catalog crowing about giant pumpkins? The one with mega-producing hybrids? The one with carefully-selected heirlooms? Read more on planning your vegetable garden: recommended seed catalogs…

March 16, 2010 in gardening6 comments

seed starting primer

basil seedlings: genovese, sweet, and lemon

Yesterday I told a charming and entirely not boring story about how I came around to starting many of my own seedlings for the garden.

Today I’m going to show you how to start your own seeds. Begin heirloom tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and more from seed, all from the comfort of your home or garage. This post will cover how to select a growing medium and containers to start your seeds in, how to plant the seeds, how to ensure your young seedlings get enough light, and how to care for your seedlings once they’ve sprouted.

1. containers

You can begin seeds in almost anything. People use Read more on seed starting primer…

March 15, 2010 in gardening3 comments

why start your own seeds?

eva purple, black krim, pink brandywine

Three years ago, I discovered an amazing heirloom tomato variety entirely by accident, one that I’ve grown both with great success — that first year — and terrible failure— last year, which was too cold for tomato growing.

I had gone to a litte no-name greenhouse just outside of town. We call it Werner’s but to be brutally honest, I’m not even sure that’s its name or the name of the people who own. it. To get there, you turn from the state highway into a tree-choked, winding, rutted dirt drive, and follow that claustrophobic ribbon about 1/8 of a mile until it dead ends at the greenhouse complex.

There, the land opens up a bit to reveal a rustic wood shed with a few large U-tube greenhouses next to it. Once inside, Read more on why start your own seeds?…