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July 26, 2010 in desserts, notfood3 comments

back from hiatus

blueberries and cream

Looks like I fell off the edge of the world for a while there. It was an unplanned hiatus, brought on by minor crises and busy-ness. Here’s the tale, and a “recipe” for blueberries and cream.

Mainly it was the June Dental Crisis

For months I’d been having problems with “sinus infections” and tooth sensitivity and swelling/pain in my upper left jaw. “Sinus infections” is in quotes because I thought they were at the time; now I’m fairly certain some of them were caused by the tooth and not the other way around (“Your tooth hurts? Oh, that must be from a sinus infection”). Read more on back from hiatus…

March 9, 2010 in notfoodno comments yet

do yeast fart?

Via MSN:

5:06:55 PM Amy: my tweet
5:06:56 PM Amy: Whole wheat levain, day 3: I can’t help picturing microscopic wild yeast chowing down and farting in there.

5:16:46 PM Zach: ha
5:16:55 PM Zach: I always feel bad for yeast

5:17:51 PM Amy: i just did too, earlier today!
5:18:00 PM Amy: i was like, aww, when i bake, it’s going to die!

5:18:04 PM Zach: hehe, nod
5:18:05 PM Zach: it’s like
5:18:12 PM Zach: here guys! have this HUGE DELICIOUS FEAST, jut how you like it!
5:18:15 PM Zach: then you burn them all to death

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April 4, 2010 in garden porn, notfood1 comment

easter, and spring, and budding growing things

forsythia in bloom

Spring has sprung, and flora are stretching, budding, opening for their sun. This is a forsythia’s flower. Forsythia are wild bushes. Lanky as a teenage basketball player, they lengthen and sprawl, and reward our patience with their disorganized antics by bursting into yellow blooms in spring, spring only.

dad about to take the tractor out

It may be Easter, but for some there’s still work to be done before dinner, because tomorrow it might rain.

It might always rain tomorrow. Read more on easter, and spring, and budding growing things…

December 25, 2009 in notfoodno comments yet

happy festivus


i mean, merry christmas :)

Clearly, there’s no Festivus pole here!

Wishing all of you a lovely holiday. May you be warm and cozy this Christmas, with good food and good company.

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April 22, 2011 in garden porn, notfood1 comment

this earth day, stand up for science

wheat after an april rain

Holidays aren’t big on this blog. You won’t see me doing a week of Easter recipes, mainly because I can’t be arsed to make dishes beforehand. However, I’d like to put in a word for today’s secular holiday, Earth Day.

Nearly 20 years ago, I took a biology class. It was an introductory course, so we looked at everything from cellular reproduction to continent-wide habitats. One topic that loomed large was climate change. We saw the papers and the data. Even back then, it was undeniable that since the Industrial Revolution, the amount of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere has been rising exponentially.

For Earth Day, we split into groups to do a presentation project of our own choosing on the environment. No matter what topic the group chose, climate change affected it in some way — one group looked into rainforest destruction, another into the impact of melting polar ice on arctic flora and fauna. Our group looked at the unique lemurs of Madagascar; one part of that was their changing habitat.

That’s why it saddens and frustrates me to see the willful ignorance and often outright lying on the part of climate change deniers. Even 20 years ago, it was clear that something was going on. Read more on this earth day, stand up for science…

May 3, 2010 in garden porn, notfoodno comments yet

time to blossom

pear blossoms

In terms of making new beginnings and forging new paths, New Year’s takes a distant third on my internal clock. New Year’s is the new beginning of the earth’s rotation, marking the end of the year’s shortest day and looking forward to lengthening ones.

New Year’s is a quiet time, as far as heralds go. Party revelry aside, it’s marked by a sunrise a wee minute earlier than the day before, sunset a wee minute later. We are inspired to set plans in motion, but the still-long darknesses encourage long nights under the covers and slow-cooker meals. Read more on time to blossom…

January 23, 2011 in notfood1 comment

Ziploc Pancakes?

Mmm, Ziploc pancakes

What happens when you squeeze fit all the leftover pancakes into one Ziploc container? You get branded pancakes, that’s what, in two senses of the word. Other than the branding, they’re pretty neat orange cloud pancakes from the King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking cookbook, aka The One I Yap About All The Time. I’d write it up, but, you know, I accidentally made them without the butter. I wouldn’t want to deprive you of a description of the butter-ful version of the pancakes, you know.

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