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January 30, 2010 in rude tauntingno comments yet

guess the mystery food

mystery food closeup

My dad prepared this mystery food just before Christmas. Some of it wound up as gifts.

you're not getting a hint here! muahaha

Tomorrow I’ll be offering up one of those gifts to you, dear reader, in the first ever Shiny Cooking Giveaway Extravaganza™.

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pickles, to make you jealous

canned homemade dill pickles

Truly, these pickles only appear before you because I’m dead tired. Been working on a house all week and I’m a tad unused to hours of physical labor every day. It’s a good tired, I guess. There’s overdone tired and there’s muscles kind of achy but in the well-used and getting stronger way, and it’s the latter.

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September 7, 2010 in restaurants, rude tauntingno comments yet



Piiizzzaaaaa. That’s the title of the email in which Noah sent the pic he snapped for me with his phone of Lou Malnati’s pizza leftovers, at the nerd convention in August.

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August 1, 2009 in rude taunting4 comments

raspberries, to make you jealous

raspberries, just picked

I’m about to whip up some currant chiffon pie for you, but I thought I’d do some jealous-making first. Looky these raspberries, just picked from the bushes in the yard. Read more on raspberries, to make you jealous…

tomatoes for pasta sauce

15 pounds of Opalka Plum tomatoes

I’m making pasta sauce today. Woo! It calls for 45 pounds of tomatoes. Check this out, dudes. It’s nearly 15 pounds of tomatoes. See? 45 pounds isn’t that bad. The recipe, which is from the unfortunately-named Ball Blue Book, claims to make 14 pints or 7 quarts.

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