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March 9, 2010 in notfoodleave a comment

do yeast fart?

Via MSN:

5:06:55 PM Amy: my tweet
5:06:56 PM Amy: Whole wheat levain, day 3: I can’t help picturing microscopic wild yeast chowing down and farting in there.

5:16:46 PM Zach: ha
5:16:55 PM Zach: I always feel bad for yeast

5:17:51 PM Amy: i just did too, earlier today!
5:18:00 PM Amy: i was like, aww, when i bake, it’s going to die!

5:18:04 PM Zach: hehe, nod
5:18:05 PM Zach: it’s like
5:18:12 PM Zach: here guys! have this HUGE DELICIOUS FEAST, jut how you like it!
5:18:15 PM Zach: then you burn them all to death

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