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August 15, 2009 in garden porn6 comments

first tomato of the season

ugly little thing, ain't it?

Hell yeah. Time to inaugurate the “tomato” tag.

I’d go on about heirlooms and brandywines and tell cute little stories involving one of my grandmas, or, if it were of special import requiring massive genetic support, both grandmas.

see? it's brandywine-ish

But I have to get to the Blueberry Festival in 45 minutes, and to the gym 26 minutes after that (sorry, couldn’t resist).

This little fella is from one of my rogue tomatoes, which you may have caught a glimpse of in the ruthlessly onanist garden porn gallery. He’s shaped like a brandywine, stretch marks and veins and all, but he’s small, about 4 inches across. A cross between a brandywine and a cherry, maybe? Do they even like each other? I don’t know. He’s really red, though, so maybe he’s just one of those icky red brandywines we planted last year.

did someone say icky?

rogue tomato, sliced

Look at that flesh. It’s not got the look of awesome tomato flesh. It’s got a grainy look. This prejudiced me against it.

first rogue, cut up

Then I tried it. Yeah, it wasn’t awesome. Not a lot of flavor, and really acidic.

Threw it into the fridge to put in salad or cook with. Maybe the next one will be good. :(

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  1. If you can’t grow ‘em well, no one can!

  2. Amy says:

    I don’t think I can! All of my non-rogues are green! It’s awful. Everything else is ready. Peppers, cukes, anything you’d want to combine with tomatoes is begging to be picked.

    But nooooo, not the tomatoes. :(

  3. Amy says:

    And, get yourself an avatar, girl.

  4. linda says:

    awwww…but it’s sooooo cute! and older typey matoes were sometimes grainy and acidic The main reason so many recipes called for sugar.HMMMMM!

  5. Diana Bauman says:

    Ah!! I love first tomatoes. Mine are finally ripening :)

    • Amy says:

      Isn’t this an awful year for tomato-ripening? All the cool weather really set things back. I’m glad I can blame the weather instead of my late seedlings hehe.

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