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March 25, 2010 in vegetarianleave a comment

midnight snack: ravioli

ravioli with olive oil, parmesan, and pepper

Mrs. Q of Fed Up With Lunch was on Good Morning America this morning. She’s a school teacher who made the crazy New Year’s resolution to eat lunch in her school’s cafeteria every day this year…and has found it truly appalling.

Ever notice how, if you already know what a news story is about, it always, always has errors in the reporting? GMA, for instance, gleefully reported that she ate a year of school lunches last year. Dudes, do five seconds of research, mmkay? It really makes you wonder how much is just plain wrong in news stories you see and hear that you don’t have prior knowledge of.

GMA redeemed itself by shooting the interview in classic undercover-whistleblower style, with cloak-and-dagger shadows and voice masking to help keep her identity secret. (She’s afraid she’ll lose her job if and when she’s found out.)

Check out the interview and check out her blog. I knew school lunches had gotten worse than they were back in my day when we wore an onion on our belts, but man, it’s…it’s shocking. Everything disposable and nuked from frozen.

get to the ravioli already

Yeah, so, what did I do with an evening snack craving that didn’t involve sugar? Here’s what, dammit.

ravioli snack nom nom nom

• grab four leftover portabella mushroom ravioli
• nuke 30-odd seconds
• drizzle extra-virgin olive oil
• sprinkle grated Parmesan
• grind a touch of black pepper

Perform the above verb actions with the requisite nouns, and voilà. A light dressing of extra-virgin olive oil on ravioli or other stuffed pastas allows the pasta and filling to shine without fighting against a complicated sauce.

Just thought I’d share, because I’m caring like that.

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