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pickles, to make you jealous

canned homemade dill pickles

Truly, these pickles only appear before you because I’m dead tired. Been working on a house all week and I’m a tad unused to hours of physical labor every day. It’s a good tired, I guess. There’s overdone tired and there’s muscles kind of achy but in the well-used and getting stronger way, and it’s the latter.

But I think I’m just about ready for a few days’ respite for them to rest and repair. ;-)

Truth be told, I canned these last year. They’ve got a good crunch, and the recipe’s right out of the Ball Blue Book. The raw pickles just get covered in hot brine and processed in a hot water bath.

Well, soon we’ll have a visit to probably the only Japanese restaurant in a 100-mile radius, and a neat and fast bachelor chow dessert. Happy cooking. :)

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  1. Donna says:

    I clicked on the link to get the ‘Pickles to make you jealous’ recipe. There is just a small article below the pickles picture…….no actual recipe. Sure would like to have the recipe. :o) Thanks !

    Donna H.

    • Amy says:

      Sorry not to have a full post on that! It’s actually just the basic canned dill pickles recipe from the Ball Blue Book. I’m going to be making some pickles soon this summer so I’ll put the whole thing up then.

  2. Shirley Stevens says:

    Nearly any place that sells canning supplies, also sells the Ball Blue Book.

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