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September 7, 2010 in restaurants, rude tauntingleave a comment



Piiizzzaaaaa. That’s the title of the email in which Noah sent the pic he snapped for me with his phone of Lou Malnati’s pizza leftovers, at the nerd convention in August.

Even though it’s a freaking over the damn top type of pizza, Chicago-style deep dish has its place. I mean, man, this pizza style has big shoulders. It may have gobs of cheese and two, count ‘em two, crusts, but the toppings (fillings) are traditionally fresh and barely-heated. Sometimes it’s nice having your tomatoes on top of your pizza.

Lou Malnati’s was, and still is, my least favorite Chicago-style pizza place. Their signature “butter crust” is rich and incredibly bland, and just always paled next to, say, an Edwardo’s, Giordano’s or even an Uno’s pizza.

After a few years without, though? It was pretty damn good. :p

P.S. Thanks for the pic, Noah. :)

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