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September 19, 2010 in project food blog17 comments

Project Food Blog Challenge #1: A Kitten Can Save the Day

i got cute kittens

Really, really interesting title, no? You don’t think so? Project Food Blog is a new contest by my sponsor, Foodbuzz, to, get this:

Find the next food blog star

And now I’m supposed to post telling you how I’ve got what it takes. The chops. The cojones.

I’ll tell you what. I got yer chops. I got yer cojones. But more than that…much, much more than that…

I got kittens.

Whenever there is trouble, a kitten can save the day. Remember, it’s dangerous to go alone.


wow, soul searchy

This first challenge tries to make you be all soul-searchy. “What defines you as a food blogger?” “Why should you be the next food blog star?” Well, let me ask you this: How many food bloggers slap up a couple of pics like those in the most important post of their career? That’s right — not very bloody many!

And I realized I kind of already knew what it was all about.

it’s about the pix

foodses. i got them.

I like taking pretty pictures of food. Food sits still, it doesn’t complain, and it doesn’t mind a little rearranging.

it’s about wholesome, yummy food


I have this whole slogan-type thing. Not only is Shiny Cooking named after Joss Whedon space cowboys, it’s also about recipes that make meals from unprocessed ingredients. Recipes that use up summer’s bounty. Recipes that bring people together.

I want people to be happy when they think of making something with tomatoes from the farmer’s market. Or when, in the middle of January, they pop open a jar of peaches they canned themselves. I want them to be excited about planting seeds, whether they’re doing it themselves or just reading about how it went here.

it’s about the garden

lost in the garden

The garden is huge — I look lost in that pic! It’s fun. Not everyone is lucky enough to have the time, space or inclination to grow food, and I love sharing my incredibly imperfect garden with its choking morass of weeds, overgrown chard, and 6-foot tall tomato plants with you all. The desire is to convey that gardening is not too difficult and that it doesn’t have to be perfect, and to show people what goes into growing and harvesting a vegetable garden.

Local food isn’t the solution to everything — the world can’t be sustained on entirely local food economies — but supporting local food growers and eating locally-produced foods when we can is something worth doing when feasible.

it’s about fun and games

it's about games

Games are an indoor competitive sport. I like featuring game nights on the blog when I can get out of the games long enough to take pictures. Besides, game get-togethers have so many food blogging opportunities thanks to all the darn snacks.

The fine print: our latest passion is Dominion. If you wanna come play in person, give me a holler. If you want to play on BSW, same.

oh, and it’s about kittens. adorable, adorable kittens

moar kittens

Voting begins on September 20th, and don’t you worry, I’ll remind you. Remember, you’re doing it for the kittens.

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your comments

  1. Ashlee says:

    Thank you for sharing you life with us. I am loving reading about everyone’s life during this foodbuzz challenge. I posted my FBC blog yesterday. Check it out and let me know what you think.

  2. You got all the right priorities! That kitten is toooooo cute!

  3. Camille says:

    I am a sucker for kittens! Cute post, and best of luck in Project Food Blog.

  4. Julianne says:

    Love all the photos!
    As usual you’ve made me inspired to cook, and hungry.
    Good luck with the contest.
    PS Oh my-Kittens everywhere! Are they yours, your Dad’s or up for adoption? How old are they now?

    • Amy says:

      I’m going to be cooking in a min! The boy is cleaning the kitchen, and then I’m going to make and can ketchup. Because I can.

      Dad’s cat had 7 kittens about 8 weeks ago. They’re just weaned and running all over the shop now. The kittens she had in spring we have 3 left of.

      Thanks for the well wishes!

  5. Jenni says:

    From one Firefly fan to another, and from one kitten fan to another, Welcome to the Competition! Best of luck to you:)

  6. I’d love to get lost in your tomato forest. You got our vote!

    Come check out our PFB post:

    Cheers and aloha.

  7. There is no doubt you have an adorable kitten! Great photos too. Good luck!

  8. Rochelle says:

    I want that garden!

    Good luck!

  9. Kittens will always get a vote from me. Loved your entry, good luck!!! :)

  10. I’ll be honest, you had me at adorable kittens. You had my vote before I even started reading, but i happen to also like your snarky sense of humor, and now i feel even more comfortable giving you my vote. I’m doing it for the kittens, obviously.

  11. What a lush green garden! My husband and I also love playing boardgames – we own Ingenious!
    Good luck with Project Food Blog – I cast a vote for you.
    If you’d like to check out my post it is here:

  12. Amy says:

    Thanks everyone for stopping by and introducing yourselves, and for your wonderful comments.

    I’m getting all my voting in today! Good luck everyone!

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