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February 7, 2010 in shameless plugleave a comment

strawberries iphone app, and horseradish winner

strawberries iphone app screenshot

A few months back, Jodi from the California Strawberry Commission told me they were creating an iPhone app comprised of 50 strawberry recipes, and could she have permission to include my strawberry and feta salad recipe. After I picked myself up off from the floor, I said, go for it.

strawberry and feta salad

Well, it’s out now, and I have to say, it’s damn cute, even if I don’t have an iPhone to properly test it. It’s completely free at the iTunes store, and it’s got great reviews. Let me paste a bit from the press release to show you. What, I’m not supposed to admit to pasting from a press release? Pff.

Strawberry Recipe App Features:

    Over 50 recipes, categorized by dish type
    Share recipes on Twitter, Facebook and email
    Access nutrition information
    View recipe photos, ingredients and preparation information
    Connect with California Strawberry Commission on Facebook, Twitter and the web

Additional info:

If you’re mad for strawberries, and you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you’d be mad (ha ha) not to download this app. If you have it, let me know what you think of it.

someone’s getting a jar of horseradish

Due to the incredible volume of comments interested in the jar of homemade horseradish, I flipped a coin to determine the winner.

And that winner is Soma, from the brilliant eCurry, which at the time of this writing features Apricot, Ginger, & Pistachio Scones on its front page. And they sound really, really amazing. And they’re distracting me, and making me hungry. Curse you, Soma! *shakefist* I mean, congrats, Soma!

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