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June 2, 2010 in condiments, how to3 comments

why didn’t i ever think of this before?

no more f***ing pouring salt from a spout

Just a quick line here to share the joy that is Not Pouring Salt From a Goddamn Spout. This might be old news to a lot of you, but it’s brand spanking new to me. I have no idea why I never thought of it before.

It began when I bought a carton of salt with a bum spout. Until then, lo these many years, I measured all my teeny ¼ and ½ teaspoons of salt by pouring it out of that giant spout. Since this method is clumsy, to say the least, I always did it over a sink so I didn’t accidentally dump several tablespoons of salt into, say, cookie dough, while trying to measure it out.

i never have to use a pour spout again!

But then I got the bum spout. It tore out completely from the carton. Being somewhat rigid and OCD, I was at a loss. How would I measure my salt? Ohnoes!

how to store salt! (exciting)

As a temporary solution, I dumped the contents into an el cheapo plastic storage container, the kind you put leftovers in. I thought it was a kludge, just a way to hold the salt til I burned through it and bought another canister.

Ha! Do you know how flippin’ easy it is to just stick the measuring spoon in to the salt? Or your fingers, if you’re one of those hippie feel-good non-measury types? The little plastic container became my default for salt storage.

why isn’t this on page 1 of “how to cook”?

Apparently I am not alone. According to the food geeks populating the Jamie Oliver forums, who all seem to keep their salt in jars or other non-salt containers, maybe this is just something obvious I’ve missed all these years. This really should be in the front of every beginner cooking book/lesson. “Save your sanity and get your salt out of the pour-spout container.”

I bet one of those half-cup canning jars would be a purty way to store salt, too. I’m going to stick with the cheapo Rubbermaid plastic, though, cause those nice jars are going to hold strawberry jam, a much more valuable commodity.

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  1. Mandalynn says:

    HAHAHA! Being one of those “hippie feel-good non-measury types,” I have been using a Ziploc 8oz round storage container. Talk about recycling! The same container has followed me every move since I lived in Muskegon, MI 5 years ago.

  2. Deb says:

    I use an old style Tupperware salt shaker that
    1 – has a top that seals tight, so the salt doesn’t chunk up in humid weather
    2- pops open easily (their newer styles don’t) so I can stick a measuring spoon in
    3 – holds a good quantity (I’ll guess about 3/4 cup) so I don’t refill often and
    4 – Still allows me to sprinkle salt/use at the table (like with corn on the cob)

  3. janet says:

    i ALWAYS store my salt in the shaker with a few grains of rice….the salt never clumps together no matter how humid it gets outside

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